• UNMETERED.WebSite - Server Upgrades ( England )

News: UNMETERED.WebSite - Server Upgrades ( England )

Published: 2016.04.14 00:00:00

We have been busy upgrading our web hosting services over the past few weeks with added specification at no cost to you.


As you might be aware, before Christmas we upgraded our services to use new Dell R820 hardware, which expanded your service and performance.


Further to this, we are now completing our round of cPanel patches and hardware upgrades on a cloud by cloud basis, taking your hosting platform per cloud to 512GB RAM / 128 CPU cores as standard.


We are currently completing a major round of cPanel patches which will correct a selection of cPanel bugs from Quota issues, mail delivery bugs to Mail authentication problems.


During our upgrades, we will also be increasing the specification of your hosting service on a cloud by cloud basis to the new specification.


Our upgrades will not only improve your hosting speed and service delivery but will provide a whole host of improvements from hourly backups as standard to the latest cPanel updates.


Please see below for our upgrade timeline. There should be no service disruption during our upgrades, just vast benefits from 60 to 70% improvement in speed.


Master Reseller Customers.

MR02 – 1st April @ 3AM

MR04 – 2nd April @ 3AM

MR01 – 5th April @ 3AM

MR03 – 6th April @ 3AM

MR05 – 7th April @ 3AM

MR06 – 8th April @ 3AM

MR07 – 9th April @ 3AM

MR08 – 10th April @ 3AM


Shared and Reseller Hosting Customers.

CLOUD01 – 21th April @ 3AM

CLOUD02 – 22th April @ 3AM

CLOUD04 – 24th April @ 3AM

CLOUD05 – 25th April @ 3AM

CLOUD06 – 26th April @ 3AM

CLOUD07 – 27th April @ 3AM

CLOUD08 – 28th April @ 3AM