• UnmeteredDSL - All New Ports VDSL2 ( AB / BC )

News: UnmeteredDSL - All New Ports VDSL2 ( AB / BC )

Published: 2016.07.03 00:00:00

Telus has standardized on only using VDSL DSLAMs moving forward, all DSL orders are now required to use VDSL modems regardless of speed.

Going forward, all new orders from 6Mbps and up are all on VDLS ports, VDSL modems are required to work for all Telus ports. (this change does not affect current ADSL users).

Telus has announced and implemented that all new 6mbps and 15mbps circuits are now on VDSL DSLAM ports, VDSL modems are required. All 25mbps and up ports are already configured in VDSL DSLAM ports.

  • Please ensure that modems for all end customers whose orders are provisioned are configured in VDSL mode using the PTM parameter instead of ATM.

  • Existing ADSL services are not being transitioned over to a VDSL profile at this time.

  • Changes such as upgrade from 6M to 15M or downgrade from 15M to 6M on existing services will continue to work with the ADSL modem.

  • Changes from the old VLAN DSL network to the new PGS network will require VDSL modem.


Frequently Asked Questions


Am I able to pick between ADSL2+ or VDSL2 mode when submitting my order?
No. all new orders are now automatically provisioned on Telus VDSL DSLAMs.

What modems are compatible with VDSL2 mode?
CipherTV offers the Actiontec T2200M and the Zyxel VSG 1432, both are compatible for VDSL2 mode.