• UNMETERED.WebSite - Canada Server Upgrade

News: UNMETERED.WebSite - Canada Server Upgrade

Published: 2016.11.25 00:00:00

We're pleased to announce that CANADA.UNMETERED.WEBSITE has been renumbered to from During this IP address change we also added an IBM BladeCenter HS22 with Dual Intel Xeon X5670 CPUs, 96GB RAM and 2x960GB SSD. All sites that were setup to point to CANADA.UNMETERED.WEBSITE for resolution will continue operating without any change, other sites will need to update the WWW and @ DNS records for their domain ; the old server & default IP should still be operating but all content has been migrated to the new blade.

All data was migrated using cPanel's transfer tool : previous credentials/etc should still be operating.