• UnmeteredCable & UnmeteredDSL - CRTC Prohibition on 30-day Disconnection Policies

News: UnmeteredCable & UnmeteredDSL - CRTC Prohibition on 30-day Disconnection Policies

Published: 2015.01.16 00:00:00

On November 6, 2014, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued Broadcasting and Telecom Regulatory Policy 2014-576; Prohibition on 30-day cancellation policies (TRP 2014-576). The determinations set out in TRP 2014-576 apply to service providers offering local voice, including VoIP, Internet and BDU services and prohibit the use of 30-day cancellation policies for individual and small-business customers. In addition, the CRTC requires that all services providers adhere to the following requirements by no later than 23 January 2015: Customers may cancel their contract at any time by notifying their service provider. Cancellation takes effect on the day that the service provider receives notice of the cancellation. The Commission further directed all Canadian carriers - like Shaw - to include the above referenced requirements in all service contracts and other arrangements with resellers to ensure the reseller, and any or all of the reseller’s wholesale customers and subordinate wholesale customers, abide by the CRTC’s requirements. As such, your Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) Service Agreement with Shaw is hereby amended effective immediately to incorporate a reference to the requirement to abide by the determinations set out in TRP 2014-576. We suggest that you review TRP 2014-576 to familiarize yourself with the requirements and take appropriate steps with respect to any wholesale arrangements you may have that are impacted by the CRTC’s determinations. If you have questions regarding the new CRTC requirement, we recommend that you contact the CRTC at 1-877-249-2782 or visit their website at www.crtc.gc.ca.

By Shaw Cablesystems G.P. (CRTC Notice)