• UnmeteredDSL - Network Upgrade

News: UnmeteredDSL - Network Upgrade

Published: 2015.02.01 00:00:00

 As per our commitment to network connectivity quality, uplinks are upgraded as demand dictate.

We would like to inform you of an upcoming network event/change. You are receiving this message because we have determined that there will be an impact to your adsl/vdsl service. Every effort will be taken to minimize this service interruption and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Event Details

Ticket Number:



Start Date/Time:

2015-02-07 01:00 PST


End Date/Time:

2015-02-07 06:00 PST


Direct Impact

All ADSL and the Carry WAN NNI will be down for the duration of the S3 change.
Expected down time to be about 2 hours. However we will prepare and do the change as fast as possible.



Network Expansion. We will be changing the S3 core switch from 32G to 720G to take in the 2 x 10G new DSL circuits.


Affected Services

ADSL/vDSL Service