• UnmeteredDSL - Network Congestion ( RESOLVED )

News: UnmeteredDSL - Network Congestion ( RESOLVED )

Published: 2015.04.24 00:00:00

APR 24, 2015 : Don't really want to jinx it but it appears congestion issues are resolved as latency and throughput has held consistent / excellent throughout multiple evenings concurrently ; appears everything is operating as it should!

MAR 18, 2015 : Load balancing gremlins have returned and congestion being experienced this evening although daytime was perfect as usual.

MAR 16, 2015 : Congestion issues entirely resolved; network operating exactly as it should.

MAR 03, 2015 EVENING : Members reporting congestion issue not entirely resolved. Throughput at 15-50% subscribed speeds on some DSL clients. Realtime performance reporting tool will be available at /status within a week.

MAR 03, 2015 : Please be informed that Telus will move some users on Tuesday 7am to relieve the dsl congestion. We will post updates in case there are changes with regards to this activity. Telus already completed moving some our customers to balance the DSL traffic over more fibers. Our management will be coordinating with Telus to move more connections to the other fiber if needed to ease the congestion problem.

FEB 22, 2015 : Peak period is now over, the traffic seems to be load balanced. Expect no congestion tonight. CipherKey will continue to monitor the status and update if condition changed. If you are still experiencing issues this evening (there have been no reported issues at any other time), please send us a ticket at your earliest convenience.

We will monitor and continue to work with Telus to better load balance the traffic.

Our network engineers checked our erx routers (PPPoE servers) and they are all working correctly.

However Telus continues to send the traffic through only one fiber causing congestion.

Telus will continue to check with additional engineering level 3 help.

We will post message when we have update from Telus.

For some reason the Telus DSL backbone is sending DSL traffic to one of link in a bundle and congesting it. Technicians are working with Telus to balance the dsl traffic to other fiber.