• UnmeteredDSL - AB & BC Network Outage ( RESOLVED )

News: UnmeteredDSL - AB & BC Network Outage ( RESOLVED )

Published: 2015.04.09 00:00:00

There is a problem with the PPPoE access concentrators this morning. It appears the entire DSL pool is down, Cable pool unaffected. UnmeteredColo and other services from Burnaby, BC unaffected.

UPDATE 8:47AM PST : Major Outage from Telus, as per their technician their Engineers are already onsite fixing the problem, but as of now they can't give us any Reason for Outage and also the Exact Time of Repair. 3 of the main telus aggregators down.

UPDATE 9:15AM PST : Looks like everything has recovered now.

Time of Resolution: 9:15AM PST

Length of Outage: ~2 hrs; 7:00AM - 9:15AM PST

Customers Affected: >10,000 across AB & BC