• UnmeteredTV - CipherTV Bar App Failure & Replacement

News: UnmeteredTV - CipherTV Bar App Failure & Replacement

Published: 2015.05.09 12:00:00

UPDATE (July 10, 2015) : Latest TV-centric version of AndroidOS is in beta testing. IPTV app configured for convenient auto-update.

CipherTV App Down Notice

New TV application requires installation!  

Late last night, our current deployed app went down critically, and an assessment was made that it could not be recovered.  For many months, the CipherTV team has been developing our next generation TV app featuring an enhanced channel guide and smoother UI. Although the new app is still in beta and a planned release was not set to be announced until later in the month, our team is now making the new app available immediately to allow TV customers the ability to continue service.  Our team is working diligently on the new app to ensure it is ready to handle mass market use.  We require all end-users to upgrade to this app to continue their TV service.

The New CipherTV App should be auto-installed on new CipherTV Bars as the 0-IPTV app.  It can also be manually installed on older models in one of two ways:

  • Download from the Google Play store; app name is 0-IPTV

  • Use the browser on the device, navigate to http://www.ciphertv.com/new.apk and confirm installation.

Upon installation, the user will be asked to register the device with their email address.  The user will receive a confirmation email with a link that needs to be clicked.

CipherTV apologizes for inconveniences this has caused and our support team is available to work with you and your team through this event.  Please stay tuned for more announcements.