• UnmeteredCable - Network Congestion ( RESOLVED )

News: UnmeteredCable - Network Congestion ( RESOLVED )

Published: 2015.07.05 16:32:51

UPDATE07/08/2015 ) We have already added Shaw fiber and there should be no Congestion issue on cable internet customers. If you have customers experiencing congestion, please do file ticket via ClientArea.


We have ordered the additional cable fiber to increase the Cable capacity but the due date is delayed until July 24th.

we are expecting to have cable network congestion on Monday night from 7pm to 11:30pm PST when customers returned home from their holiday or weekend activities. On other days the capacity is still able to keep up but Monday night is when more than normal number of people accessing the network. 

We are pushing for sooner install if at all possible. We will keep you posted in this message board.

Cable internet network expansion

Due to the Cable Internet demand, Our ISP group has order to activate all the Cable POPs throughout the whole of BC and AB. These new POPs are scheduled to be activated at the end of July, if all worked as planned then you will be able to order Cable internet anywhere there is Shaw Cable internet all over BC and AB in as soon as August 1, 2015.

Cables and DSL orders are pretty back log in the past few weeks due to many people are taking holidays and not enough people to take the install tasks.

Shaw is taking in 10 to 20 of our orders each day but we still have hundreds of orders in the queue that do not have the install date. Hopefully people are back and service restore back to normal 1 week time frame.

DSL orders are no extending to 10 business days from the original 5 business days, any glitch on the DSL order will be pushed back for 7 to 10 biz days. Please keep an eye on your orders and sort out the glitches as soon as detected to avoid long lead time for the due dates

Please set customer expectation for these delays and congestions.

Qualify ISP DSL promo continuation is still unknown

We need to take advantage of the DSL promo now because it will expire at the end of August, 2015. All order must be completed before the end of Aug to qualify.

We started to talk with Telus about the Promo about 4 months ago and we continue to talk with Telus about extending the promo but at this time we do not have confirmation on this decision yet. We will update you as soon as we have info to update.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.