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News: Unmetered - Services Status Report

Published: 2015.07.21 00:00:00

UNMETERED's tested and deployed Wireless, DSL and Cable for a little over 200 locations with various hardware options across AB & BC over the last 2 years rating factors like hardware reliability and synced rate vs actual throughput with our cable coverage area expanding to Alberta and Manitoba next month : we're almost ready for the public. For our current members, our corporate parent (0714773 BC Ltd) has been managing our finances since the beginning but UNMETERED has reached economic self-sufficiency and will be moving offshore : nothing will change with the actual services but UNMETERED will no longer be collecting taxes. UNMETERED does not and will not do any business with any entities residing in the Cayman Islands. 

Burnaby Server CoLocation since 2013 : ~99.93%
BC Cable Network Uptime since 2005 : ~99.97%
AB/BC DSL Network Uptime since 2005 : ~99.95%

* Please note : There have been no recorded instances since 2013 of both the
cable & dsl network failing concurently hence properly configured multilink
solutions provided ~99.995% uptime considering global carrier routing issues.