• UnmeteredDSL - AB / BC : ADSL VPOP Network Upgrade

News: UnmeteredDSL - AB / BC : ADSL VPOP Network Upgrade

Published: 2015.07.24 14:25:58

The TELUS team has scheduled a necessary and critical upgrade to the network for ADSL VPOP services in BC and Alberta. In order to facilitate the network expansion, some ISP end-customer circuits may require moves to provide better performance. 

The project is scheduled:

Start: 2015 08 22
Finish: 2015 09 30

The changes will be done between the hours of 1 am to 5 am local time. We are unable to provide you an exact time for the moves, however each individual circuit move will take less than one minute to complete during which time the ADSL modem would lose connection to your network. The end-customer may experience minimal downtime (of less than one minute) when the circuit is being moved. Once reconnected to the new core device, the ADSL modem will initiate a new PPPoE tunnel request to your LNS and the customer will be reconnected.