• UnmeteredCable - Firmware Upgrade ( AB / BC ; Thompson DCM475 )

News: UnmeteredCable - Firmware Upgrade ( AB / BC ; Thompson DCM475 )

Published: 2015.07.28 00:00:00

Good Morning Valued Customers
On Tuesday night (starting at 12:01 am Wednesday July 29th) we will be upgrading over 7,600 Thompson/Technicolor DCM475 internet cable modems.  The v2.51 firmware being deployed fixes an issue with the current firmware which would cause the device to become non-functional as we begin to upgrade our network to 24 downstream channels, starting in August.  This new firmware has been thoroughly tested and addresses this critical issue.  
We have been made aware of an issue that may occur if the modem goes off-line due to an interruption in RF signal.  In the lab environment, we have seem that the modem will reconnect by itself after an indeterminate amount of time (between 2 to 8 hours).  Technicolor has acknowledged that this is a known issue, but does not currently have a workaround in place.  Shaw Engineering has confirmed that there is a workaround; a hard power cycle will cause the modem to reconnect almost immediately after boot-up.  At this time, we would ask that you work with your customers and recommend this workaround should an incident occur.
Our teams will continue to work with Technicolor to resolve this issue; we would also ask your departments to work with Technicolor as well in finding a workaround.
We will continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds."
- Shaw Cable