• UnmeteredDSL - Network Upgrade Alert

News: UnmeteredDSL - Network Upgrade Alert

Published: 2015.08.27 00:00:00

We installed a new ADSL 10G router and have been testing last month and found it to be working properly.

On September 1, Tuesday after 2pm we are planning to send 300 users to this new DSL router, we will let it run for a week to see if there is any additional configurations required to fit user needs.

When everything is working good, we will turn this router into full production mode and allow all users to access.

We will install a 2nd router on our 2nd 10G fiber to act as load balance and redundant router

We continue to leave the Juniper ERX in place as hot standby back up.

After October, we will turn off some of the Juniper ERX DSL router.

Please report any issues encountered.