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News: UNMETERED - Services / Network Status Update

Published: 2015.11.20 00:00:00

Dear Valued and Prospective Members,

As you've may have noticed over the last few weeks : our website has been undergoing changes to reflect the broader portfolio of products we utilize around the world to serve our causes. All web tools and portals have been undergoing drastic improvements to handle volume : how does the speed of our websites feel? The availability tool is being revised and reposted by Monday November 23, 2015 reflecting all services and options rather than connectivity only ; including some user notes about atypical addressing conventions used by our carrier databases.

Service Availability Tool ( http://www.unmetered.io/availability )

We have been building our real-time service availability tool; in recent days our entire serve provisioning structure has been re-engineered for greater performance and scalability. At present the Unmetered.IO availability tool only shows connecitivity options for Alberta & British Columbia Canada: we are modifying the tool to display our full assortment of services across all regions by Monday November 23, 2015.