• UNMETERED.Direct/Cable - Slow Speed ( Resolved )

News: UNMETERED.Direct/Cable - Slow Speed ( Resolved )

Published: 2017.12.01 15:30:13

We received an notification from Shaw that they are investigating a slow speed issue on one of their CMTS chassis. Base on records, members that we have received reports of being affected by this are located in Vancouver and Coquitlam area. Other areas are still not verified. If you are experiencing a problem. Please file a ticket using the "Cable Manager" button then the  ISP Manager template : Technical Support for Slow Speed.

We are tracking this issue under incident case ticket. We will provide update once we have them.

UPDATE - 12/1/2017 9:31:00 AM

Please see update from Shaw regarding the slow speed issue on one of their CMTS chassis.

Please be advised that our Network Operations team are still investigating the slow speed issue. Once they resolved the issue we will reply to each individual tickets that you have submitted for this incident.

UPDATE - 12/1/2017 3:30:13 PM

We have an RFO from Shaw regarding the slow speed issue with incident no.INC0306949. According to them issue is already resolved.The incident was closed with the following notes:

"Work note copied from Parent Incident: "Cleaned the ports and fibre on the bypass card unit and we are seeing the traffic passing smoothly. No packet loss observed"