• UNMETERED.Direct/Cable - Network Upgrade

News: UNMETERED.Direct/Cable - Network Upgrade

Published: 2018.03.21 16:14:19

We placed a large order with Shaw back in Dec 2017 and we expect this order to be completed by the beginning of March but due to the large order,the large amount of fibers and the 100G equipment needed for the order was delayed.

Today the designing team has released the final network design and the order is moving to the fiber team : the fibers and equipment are all connected by the end of this month the order will be passed to the TPIA team to provision all the POIs. The new release of the capacity is expected to start in about mid April for British Columbia and Alberta.

The Manitoba/Winnipeg POI is huge and is expected to be completed in about June.

We are pushing the fiber and TPIA teams to see if they can release the service to us sooner and we will up date here as soon as we have news to update.