• UNMETERED.IO - Taxes Disappearing, Price Increases

News: UNMETERED.IO - Taxes Disappearing, Price Increases

Published: 2018.09.16 00:00:00

It has been a pleasure serving all of you over the last decade : we have planned to surpass 'industry standards' for decades more.

If you are a current member and for any reason can't understand or accept the changes, please contact our support immediately via one of the telephone numbers listed at http://unmetered.company. Currently active accounts will have their current pricing adjusted to reflect inclusive taxes for their region. There is no fundamental change and/or increase in plan pricing for existing members, only listing the prices in our billing system to include all relevant taxes rather than add them on top. 



- Regional taxes are included in published pricing throughout billing and informational websites.
- Current active accounts have had their effective pricing grandfathered.