• UNMETERED.IO - GDPR Compliance-Related Data Loss

News: UNMETERED.IO - GDPR Compliance-Related Data Loss

Published: 2018.09.21 00:00:00

It has come to our attention that our recent compliance to Europe's General Data Protection has deleted member accounts across almost a dozen countries simply because they haven't had a recent invoice processed through them. While this would probably be a good idea for sake of keeping the accounts database tidy, this wiped out over a hundred accounts which didn't have any active services in them. We do maintain backup dumps of our billing database and have the ability to restore all the deleted accounts but have manually inspected the wiped account data from our backup and determined that no critical and/or partner generated coupon codes were deleted during this GDPR account cleanup function.


If you have lost your account data and feel it had data that you needed, please contact our support with your account name and address and we'll restore your account manually.