• UNMETERED.Direct/Cable - AB/BC/MB/SK 300/600M Upgrades

News: UNMETERED.Direct/Cable - AB/BC/MB/SK 300/600M Upgrades

Published: 2018.11.29 22:24:34

Shaw retail has announced that all their 150M customers will be upgraded to 300M and all their 300M customers will be upgraded to 600M speeds.  As such, we will have new access to the above and are working to finalize these with Shaw and add to our partners ordering profiles.

Wholesale Service Impact:
150M - stays the same using docsis 3.0
300M - a new profile added, expected to be docsis 3.0 (TBD)
600M - the existing 300M profile is being updated to this new speed, docsis 3.1

The CRTC is expected to approve new interim tariff rates for the adjusted 300M and new 600M services, and we will update our reseller rates accordingly.  We are expecting to have this within the next 30 days.